Best Dental Insurance For College Students


Best Dental Insurance For College Students covers preventative care as well as more complicated treatments like fillings, crowns, and root canals. Dental insurance, like other insurance, has a monthly premium and an annual or lifetime deductible, in addition to copayments.

Dental insurance is distinct from health insurance in terms of coverage. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) eliminated annual restrictions on healthcare coverage, dental insurance policies sometimes include yearly limits as low as $750 or $1,000 per person.

The Best Dental Insurance companies for college students provide plans. Moreover, with varying pricing points, coverage levels, and yearly benefit caps. Check out our analysis of the top dental insurance policies for 2022.

Best Dental Insurance Companies For College Students of 2022

Here is all you need to know: FAQ about Dental Insurance for College Students

Best Dental Insurance Company Reviews

Dental Insurance for College Students

Delta Dental Reviews

With one of the country’s biggest provider networks, Delta Dental provides a variety of healthy options.  As the best dental insurance plan for braces, we went with Delta Dental. As it offers coverage for both children and adults at various pricing ranges. 

On Delta Dental’s main page, enter your zip code to discover what dental insurance policies are available in your area. For instance, Delta Dental PPO, Delta Dental Premier, Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier, and DeltaCare USA are the company’s current plans (HMO).

New York’s example price contains two plans that include orthodontics. Moreover, 50 percent of orthodontic treatment is covered by Delta Dental PPO. yet a fixed coinsurance is required by DeltaCare. Your out-of-pocket expenses will vary by region if you choose a copayment plan.

All 50 states, For instance, Puerto Rico, and other US territories are covered. To qualify for’s marketplace, Delta Dental plans must also provide children coverage.


  • Complaints to the NAIC are low.
  • Preventive treatments have no waiting time.
  • State and federal exchanges are also available (marketplaces)
  • Teeth whitening is an option in some plans.


  • Each state has a different set of plans available.

Delta Dental Reviews From Customers

In a 5 star rating, a valid customer says,

They virtually always pay. I had a tooth extracted and cut out last time. They paid everything but 67. This is a good investment. I’ve had these for a decade. They will never change.

Terri of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Another Customer says,

The very finest. I’d have serious dental issues if it wasn’t for the coverage and convenience. This is the finest coverage I’ve ever received. It’s the easiest to use I’ve ever had. Never refused a dentist. I got free cleanings four times a year, For instance, free X-rays, and 50% off crown dental fillings. It’s inexpensive therefore my teeth are properly taken care of. My previous ones didn’t work. I However, have nothing but praise for them.

Mark of Santan Valley, Arizona

Humana Dental Plan Reviews

Humana’s Loyalty Plus plan is the greatest bargain on our list. In certain areas, Loyalty Plus offers no waiting periods and one-time deductibles for under $30 per month. Moreover, There are no waiting periods for any procedures, even significant work, and there is just one $150 deductible.

Loyalty Plus coverage grows with membership. However, Precautionary care is free in full. Humana pays 40% of regular treatment and 20% of substantial work during the first year, up to $1,000.

You get 100% coverage for preventative care, 70% basic dentistry, and 50% major procedures after the third year with a $1500 yearly cap.

Humana also provides six more plans, ranging in price and coverage, including a dental savings plan and preventative care programs.


  • Preventive services are fully covered.
  • This involves A wide range of service providers.
  • Dental savings plans that are both affordable and effective.
  • A service-unlimited plan with no waiting time for any features or benefits
  • Moreover, Throughout teeth whitening in certain plans.


  • In several of its state subsidiaries, the NAIC complaint index is high.
  • Moreover, Some plans have a high deductible.
  • Surgical implants are not covered under this plan.
  • Orthodontic treatment is not covered by insurance.

Humana Dental Plan Reviews From Customers

Very good options to explore.

Cigna Dental Insurance For College Students

Start with Cigna’s inexpensive Dental Preventive Plan for seniors. From $19 per month, members may access over 297,000 dental care sites countrywide.  However, The plan covers two dental examinations and cleanings each year, with no deductibles or copays.

Cigna provides two plans for preventative, basic, and repair work:

 Premiums start at $30 per person per year Cigna Dental 1000.
Cigna Dental 1500: Premiums start at $35 per person per year with a $1,500 benefit limit. This plan covers orthodontics.
Uninsured retirees and seniors may still seek dental treatment right now.  However, People with dental insurance  from Cigna can get cavity fillings and root canals without having to wait.


  • Low-cost prevention.
  • No delay for preventative care
  • $100/month for major and rehabilitative services
  • Coverage both inside and outside of a network
  • Covers All 50 states 


  • 6 months for basic care
  • Moreover, 12 months for significant work
  • Complaints against NAIC in several of its subsidiaries

Cigna Dental Insurance Reviews From Customers

A 5-star reviewer from Miami wrote:

“They’ve been great. Years of service with just twice yearly cleanings. Great to work with. Timely payment. Now I’ll need them more since I need several cavities filled, so we’ll see how they manage it. I suggest them for now.”

A 2-star client from Houston shared:

“Plans don’t cover enough prices, in-network dentists are few, and selection is inadequate. The premium is excessive. The prices add up when you require many procedures.”

Aetna Dental Plan Reviews

We also reviewed Aetna’s dental discount package. This dental discount plan, Aetna Vital Dental SavingsSM, allows you to save money on dental treatments and goods. However, They save up to 50% on certain dental treatments.

Dental cleanings, dental implants, root canals and X-rays are all eligible for discounts. Other specialized dental treatments such as orthodontia and oral surgery are also covered.
Individuals may purchase Aetna Dental® Direct dental insurance, and organizations can get Aetna Dental® Group dental insurance. Aetna’s employer-sponsored dental plans range in price and may be selected during open enrollment.

Individual Aetna dental insurance policies typically range from $30 to $60 per month. Moreover, This is distinct from the two coverage choices, individual and family dentistry.

Individual dental insurance is what the word “individual” refers to. However, Other options include dental insurance. Individual dental insurance rates are influenced by several variables. However, one of which is your location.


  • Leading dental insurance company in the U.S. However, PPO dentists network exceeds 300,000
  • Easy online Aetna Dental claim submission, Moreover, insurance information, provider information, and more.
  • 50 years of dental insurance knowledge


  • Self-funded dental insurance only offers PPO plans. Oftentimes, provider data is inaccurate.
  • Moreover, Too many coverage reviews, approvals, and rejections
  • Secondary insurance only covers a tiny amount of dental treatments
  • Some dentists describe problems with insurance payments.
  • Some dental professionals reported frequent rejections for approved procedures. Moreover, medically essential services.

Aetna Dental Plan Reviews From Customers

UnitedHealthOne Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthOne provides universal dental insurance with no age restrictions. Moreover, no deductibles or wait time. However, The features of UnitedHealthOne’s dental insurance policies differ based on where you reside. 

Some UnitedHealthOne plans include four-month or greater waiting periods for basic care. Therefore, significant treatments, while specifics vary by location. However, Some higher-tier plans include orthodontics. Yet lower-tier policies may not cover braces, crowns, or bridgework. Maximum annual benefits for certain plans start at $1,000.


  • There is a large dental network.
  • Moreover, Many policies provide 100% preventative care.
  • Some plans include braces.


  • The maximum annual benefit per individual is $1,000.
  • However, Basic and large services may have wait times.

UnitedHealthOne Dental Plan Reviews From Customers

With a great rating a verified customer says.

I’ve had this insurance for 5 years and it’s great. Moreover, I can receive whatever operation I need without paying for it. They help you select an excellent doctor and explain everything to you.

Charisse of Browns Mills, NJ

With a great rating another verified customer says.

My previous job’s United Healthcare Dental Insurance was great! It covered 80% of treatments (fillings, cleanings, etc.) I did check whether my dentist was in-network. So I didn’t call customer service. If your dentist isn’t in the network, you may still file.

Sara of Louisville, KY

How to get Best Dental Insurance For College Students

Dental insurance is available directly from insurers or via healthcare exchanges. Most plans allow for online enrollment, but others may need you to interact with a salesperson.

How to acquire the best dental insurance:

  • Identify your dental requirements. Preventive care for your healthy teeth or restorative or significant work.
  • Determine your dental budget.
  • Moreover, Compartmentalize and other private markets
  • Look for 100-80-50 coverage: 100% for preventative, 80% for basic, and 50% for significant work.
  • For instance, DHMO, PPO, direct reimbursement, and dental savings plans cost-benefit
  • Moreover, Examine premiums, deductibles, copays, and yearly limitations.
  • Check with state regulators on your chosen company (and their subsidiaries, if relevant).
  • However, You may also search up any registered insurance carrier with the NAIC. Moreover, it collects and analyzes consumer complaints throughout the nation.


How much is the best dental insurance?

Humana has the cheapest dental insurance. You may choose from three dental plans. Also, this insurer has a vast dental network. It has minimal deductibles and inexpensive rates.


DMO plans are often cheaper, whereas PPO plans provide greater flexibility. The best strategy is the one that suits your requirements the most.


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